Whimsical Kitchen Design – magnetic blackboard

Looking for a fun and easy idea that will add a little life to your kitchen design? Here is an easy home remodeling project that will make your kitchen more organized, interesting and add a little whimsy to your interior design. Create a blackboard for your “command central” or better yet a magnetic blackboard! Here is what I did.  First find a spot. I had an old chimney chase that I really disliked.


Very boring! The first step is get a smooth surface. These were plaster walls with a rough texture so I had Peter Mihali, a wonderful local plaster expert www.renaissanceplastering.net , add another layer to make it smooth.

Then we added a magnetic paint primer. We did several coats to build up a good magnetic “pull”. It is important to sand lightly between coats to keep the surface as smooth as possible.


The final step is the “blackboard paint”.  It is now possible to have that paint in any color you choose. I didn’t want a harsh black so found a shade a little softer.


The last step is to “season” the board with a coat of chalk and then wipe it off. I did this a few times.

Everyone loves making their mark on the kitchen blackboard and I have enjoyed welcoming all visitors to our kitchen by creating a personal message for them.

I also had fun creating our “kitchen mouse” in the base board cutout on the left, another fun bit of whimsy to our kitchen design!