Farm House Kitchen Sinks

Have you considered how your kitchen sink will fit into your kitchen remodeling plans?

An important functional element; the kitchen sink is a real work horse of the kitchen and used every single day. You may have the occasional day where you don’t use the range but have you ever not used your kitchen sink?

The choice of sink style is largely a functional consideration, based on your personal prep and clean up habits. At the same time you can’t ignore the design statement some sinks can bring to the space.

As I write this post I realize I have a real affinity for single basin type sinks, especially that classic “Farm House Style”. I love their flexibility and simplicity.

You don’t have to have an “old house” to design one in your kitchen remodel either! They come in so many beautiful varieties. I’ve posted pictures of some of my favorites below from past design projects.

Why don’t you consider one for your kitchen remodel? Here are a few great resources to get you started Rohl, Kohler and Blanco.

For more information about sink selections for your kitchen remodel, this story in the Everett Herald is a good resource : “Whichever style you choose, good sinks cost plenty”

A Copper Farm House Sink, so warm and beautiful but with a “living finish” it’s not for everyone.


Don’t overlook the option of a vintage find. In this Everett historic home and kitchen remodel, my client rescued a stunning 1920’s wall mounted sink from an alley and now it’s the center piece of the kitchen!

Read more about this homeowner’s vintage sink find in the Everett Herald article.

The Farm House Sink adds some style and interest to this more contemporary interior design, a fabulous way to blend styles.


This Stainless Steel sink in this kitchen remodel has a divider and provides a fresh clean look.