Kitchen Design Process

“I have never hired an Interior Designer for a kitchen remodel before, how does the kitchen design process work? “

As an Interior Designer specializing in kitchen and bath design I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked that question! There are so many variables and no two home remodeling projects are exactly alike but most kitchen remodel projects follow this general process.

First, an initial “get to know each other” site visit is made. I come out to your home and we talk about your dream space, the possibilities and the challenges of your current kitchen layout and of course your budget.

Here is a recent “before” picture in a project where the homeowner had never worked with a kitchen designer before.


Kitchen Space Before Remodel

The first thing we did after an initial meeting was decide on a scope of work. In this case the homeowner wanted help with space planning a whole new kitchen using this adjacent room. She also needed help with the selection of all materials such as flooring, cabinet style and finish, kitchen cabinet accessories, kitchen counter tops and backsplash.

Kitchen Remodel Rendering

3D Rendering of Kitchen Design

Now the design process really starts. I measured the space and interviewed her again on her needs. Initial drawings were done and presented. We actually did a few ideas in this case but settled on the kitchen design above. Notice the post in the kitchen island? Unfortunately, this house needed one. After the wall was removed the contractor noticed the roof needed this extra support, even though it wasn’t a load bearing wall. So I designed around it!

During this first meeting you are shown several different 3-D renderings that really make it easy to visualize. I love to get your ideas and feedback at this stage, many a great idea was born during the synergy created at this first meeting!

Next there is a revision round of drawings, sometimes things change very little, as in this case. During this time finishes are also selected (counter tops, backsplash, flooring etc..) and soon the final drawings are ready. This whole process can take anywhere from 4 to 6+ weeks depending on the scope and meeting frequency. Now it’s ready to build!
Here is the “after” shot, looks remarkably like the design drawings.
Look how nicely the contractor executed the design even adding a little wood detail at the top making that post actually look cool! Goes to show you a successful kitchen remodeling project will have not only a well thought out design, but a quality contractor (I highly recommend Carter Construction Inc. who did this project highlighted here).

If you have any needs for kitchen and bath remodeling or any interior design needs contact me through our “connect with us page” or just pick up the phone and call. I would be happy to answer your unique questions and work with you making your remodeling dreams a reality!

Final Kitchen Remodel
Final Kitchen Remodel
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