Home Remodeling Projects – Featured in the Press

As a leading bath / kitchen remodel designer and interior designer in Everett, Chandra Sadro is an expert on home remodeling and space planning, having been featured in many editorials over the years:

  • Everett Herald – May 12, 2011
    Kitchen remodel designed by Chandra Sadro will be part of the Historic Everett’s Old House Kitchen Tour.
    “Kitchens are one of the biggest challenges for owners of historic homes, but they also can be one of the most transformative elements in an old home when they’re remodeled, Sadro said.”
  • Everett Herald – December 30, 2010
    Everett cottage kitchen transformed into a space-saving gem
    “Anxious about the cost and logistics of a remodeling project, Guzinski waited 17 years before finally, earlier this year, she hired Everett interior designer, Chandra Sadro, who helped her rework not just her kitchen but also an adjacent utility room.”
  • Everett Herald – December 28, 2009
    Marysville couple turn outdated bathroom into serene, stylish space
    “Sadro, who helped the couple with complicated space planning and creative cabinet design, said the project was a true expression of Haines’ vintage and contemporary styles”
  • Everett Herald – November 5, 2009
    Circular tables add informal, festive air to dining
    “Everett interior designer Chandra Sadro said rounds aren’t right for everyone…You really have to have a space suited to a round,” she said. “You’ve got to take into concern the traffic patterns around the table. You have to take into account the clearance for serving.”
  • Everett Herald – June 12, 2008
    Good kitchen sinks cost plenty
    “When it’s time to shop, do more than peruse the pretty pamphlets, Sadro said. The type of countertop you choose can influence the sink. Popular under-mount sinks, for instance, only work with hard surfaces such as granite. And don’t assume the sink you choose will fit. Apron-fronted sinks almost always require custom cabinets. Whatever the sink, always measure, she said. Manufacturers list specifications online or bring tape measure to the store.”